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ZWCAD 2010 : Entities selected in Layers turned of

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Gary Sharp


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23-04-2011 05:12 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Hi All Again,

I'm getting a few things of my chest here, I'm a great supporter of any software alternatives to Autodesk, ZWCAD being one of them.. but it is very difficult to promote the software to the rest of the staff when it fails in some basic operations.

I customised Autocad LT over 15 years ago with basic macro's that made a horrible piece of software a little better, and I have rolled that customisization over into ZWCAD to maintain interface consistency in our office.

One of the most useful and simplest macros is configuring hotekeys

F4 to turn off all layers but the active and

F3 to turn them all back on [not thawing/freezing]

this is a very simple macro

F4 = ^C^C-layer;off;*;;; and
F3 = ^C^C-layer;on;*;

These are great keys when trying to tidy up drawings and see what has been put on different layers.

Of course, I was able to roll over the macro's to ZWCAD,, great !

Unfortunately, when I turn off all but the active layer [F4] and then select some entities for deletion, in some drawings ZWCAD also selects entities in layers that are turned off [very dangerous, as of course you can't see what has been selected, and I would never expect anything in a layer turned off to be selected].

Now, this problem [like the hatch area problem in an earlier post] is intermittent,[as noted only in some drawings] which makes it even more frustrating. Why it does this in some files I don't understand..

I have tried work-arounds such as thawing /freezing - yes this works but disrupts dramatically our layer visibility structures and

LAYISO - LAYUNISO - if just turning off, it still selects things in layers turned off, if using the Lock / fade option,,, yes it doesn't select anything in the locked layers , but it doesn't fade so defeats the purpose of isolating [by visibility] the active layer...

Again,, anyone knowing a fix to this issue would be greatly appreciated..


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 ZWCAD 2010 : Entities selected in Layers turned of
25-04-2011 01:23 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Dear Garyvn,

Thanks for the feedback!
I tested seriously in ZWCAD, since you know the problem only happen to some drawings, so I didn't find any problem in simple test, so I also hope you can send us the sample drawing with problem, which will select the entities in layers that turned off. We will analysis the deep reason to fix it.

I also suggest you try the latest update of ZWCAD 2010, which I post the link in your early post "AREA".

About the lock and fade function of LAYISO, it is not working with Fade in ZWCAD 2010, but it has been fixed in ZWCAD 2011. Here you can have a free trial :
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