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Zooming problem

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Hello, i dont know if this has been answered before, but i couldnt
find anything. I have the following problem. In autocad, when u roll
with the middle button of the mouse, it zooms in and out. In zwcad
though, when i do the same thing (rolling with the middle button of the
mouse, up or down) a message appears that says that its already zoomed
all. I cant remember the exact message, hope you understood. Do u know
how i can change/fix this? thanks.

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 Zooming problem
01-06-2011 01:18 . am   |   View his/her posts only


I think I have seen such kind of messages, because it really reaches the extent of zoom in/out.

If you are viewing a large drawing, when it can not be fully zoomed in or out, try to double click the middle button for "zoom extent", then you can use the rolling button to zoom again.
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