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ZWCAD toolbar flay -out

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 ZWCAD toolbar flay -out
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Good morning,

I have a personalized menu consists of drop down menu and toolbar commands where most of the recalls of bookstores. In the toolbar there are also those hidden (flay-out if I'm not mistaken).

The menu is constantly updated, sometimes every day and avolte 2 times a year.

Use "CarMenu" to upload / download the menu, but when you load the toolbars are positioned where you want him (tends always to the left) and I have to reposition them every time. It will also display the toolbar and then retractable ones every time I close them.

Is there any option to write to the menu to display the toolbar is not hidden at each load?

Thank you.

P.S: I use files with extension "mns".

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05-12-2011 03:31 . am   |   View his/her posts only
is there any body who can help?
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