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ZW3D 2012 Direct Edit problem

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 ZW3D 2012 Direct Edit problem
26-01-2012 08:52 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi there,

This post in order to try to solve this issue on ZW3D 2012 Beta

As attached I send a very simple model (made by Rapidform - Parasolid Kernel -)
As you can see, the direct editing does not working fine; It's not possible remove fillets as well as modify the fillets radius

FYI, This problem is also present on ZW3D 2011

The direct model it seems working fine only on native ZW3D CAD files

BTW, I checked the fillets entity and I noted that the degree is 3° on U and 3° on V. This is not correct. Infact, the right degree of the original surfaces is 3° on U and 2 on V. (after the import within ZW3D, the fillet it must remain an arc) but it seems converted in cubic nurbs surfaces...

thanks in advance (6.57 KB)

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27-01-2012 04:06 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Effebigenova,
Remove fillet is a advanced skill in 3D sofware, it depend on the shape of the model, some times you can just use "Remove face" or "Simplify" to finish it on one step, you need to spilt it to different area or add some block then replace face or remove face. I think Direct modeling technology can solve some question but not all, Even ZW3D, we will keep improving in future.

In your case, I can remove face successful, some times it can't be regonized as fillet in ZW3D when you importing other kernel 3D software, we need to rebuilding the moldel, such as remove the fillet then fillet it again in ZW3D.

2012-1-29 8-26-42.jpg
2012-1-29 08:29

2012-1-29 8-27-21.jpg
2012-1-29 08:29

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28-01-2012 07:40 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Well I was going to post a clip here of how reliably SE ST4 edits this part you submitted but there ...
cutter Post at 2012-1-28 16:19

Hi, Nice going :) Thank you for the video
I also have not problem using Space Claim...

I Think that the new ZW Direct Edit need more improvements in order to do that...

The ZW3D fillets recognition algorithm is not still able to perform the basic tasks like these: move face/edge, offset, fillets removing and so on...

Currently, the DIRECT EDIT feature It's ok for native ZW3D model but, if you try to import an external cad data, the "direct edit" does not working fine...

obviolusly, It's IHMO, what I wrote
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