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ZW3D Lofting doesn't support Select All

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 ZW3D Lofting doesn't support Select All
28-01-2012 06:13 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I've been testing the ZW3D 2012 Beta and found that SW still doesn't support a "Select All" or "Select by Window".
What is mind-boggling is you do have an "Un-Pick All" and "Un-Pick Last".
Who would come up with that but NOT "Select All"?
Ctrl-A and other Window shortcuts don't work at all.

The new interface is a big improvement but how about actually adopting Windows Standards?

Rhino3D at $995 actually supports Ctrl-A, Windows Selection and allows Repointing/Reprocessing of the NURBS curves as part of the Loft command.

When you have several hundred curves, the idea that you have to use a curve list is laughable.

2012-1-28 06:04

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Can you post a picture of a shape being lofted with 'several hundred curves'?


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Here you go.
Apparently, you have to be logged in to see any attachments.

It's an ergonomic Golf Handle prototype that was digitized with a Laser Scanner.
It has 354 NURBS Curves.
Even if you thin it by 2/3 you still have over 100 curves to loft.

Every other professional system can "Select All" and loft this with no problem.
Rhino3D handles this with ZERO issues.
ZW can't even select all and then chokes on the loft.

I've attached a ZW/VX Macro file.
Run it and then try to loft it.

It's obvious ZW3D is still has a lot of work to do.
What is so surprising is ZW's ignorance of the competition and what they actually bring to the table.
Another release this weak in functionality and interface ergonomy and ZW3D will never be anything but
a footnote in the history of 3D in the Western world.

:time: (162 KB)
ZW3d/VX Macro File

2012-1-31 19:24

NURBS Curves in Rhino3D

2012-2-3 03:33

Lofted, capped and solidified in VISI
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