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2012 Assembly Enhancements

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 2012 Assembly Enhancements
20-03-2012 10:49 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Firstly, I think the order of Icons on the Assembly Tool bars do not reflect typical usage patterns and it forces the user to jump all around the screen to do assembly stuff.I guess my logic is that the most commonly used stuff should be on the left, whilst the least used on the right. This should be a universal logic across all programs. (Being able to drag Icons between tool bars would allow a user to set it up as he wished.)

So the 'Component' tool suite is used least of all. Yet is presents in the Left. I typically Insert Component from the RMB then need to use the Align and Drag tools. I would call this the Construct Assy tools. Later I might use the Edit Assy Tools, and occasionally the Inquire Tools.

The Enhancement that would be really helpful is the be able to view External Datums for a single part from Part select/RMB. Currently it is either NO external datums or ALL, which can be very cluttered as there is NO distinction between them.

What makes this even harder compared to V2011 is the fact the View Labels simply doesn't work so you cannot see which Datum you are picking on screen AND you cannot move the command line to a convenient place.

I would also like a non history drag option in Assembly so I could simple move a part into a decent position so the alignment will work. I just don't need to ever see this move again. Currently I delete them from history which works mostly.

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22-03-2012 03:49 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi, mudcrab

Thanks for your detailed feedback about assembly.

1) I totally agree with you that the common used toolbar should in the left, that is the logic. At the same time, we must have different group to gather them which is always in ZW3D 2012. What is more, in order to satisfy the flexible customization for satisfaction. I believe that the DRAG and DROG to change the toolbar is very important, and it is in our plan, we will implement it in V17 or earlier.

2) About the enhancement of external datum, it could be very helpful if we do it.

3) For the feature tree of Assembly, for the moment, the 'show most' option works for some cases. We are also working for the nice feature tree enhancement, and your request will be included to the plan.

4) For the view label, I will follow up.
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