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2012_Icons - can it be done better?

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 2012_Icons - can it be done better?
03-07-2012 03:05 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I have been using 2012 hard out for the last week.

For the most part is is a good experience.

However some things are opportunities to do it a lot better and I am wondering if others would feel the same about these ideas or have better ones.
The basic problem is the icons are too similar of complicated and result in hesitation finding them. this is especially true when they are small as RMB and main toolbar.

For instance. Quickdraw/Smart draw is just draw so why the lightbulb? It is too similar to the Dimension Icon Lets have a simple pencil so anyone can see what it is. Id' like to see these often used icons very bold and distinctive. We learn them but they need visual clarity.
Icon locations for repeat actions.
Exit icon in sketch is big on the LH top toolbar
Yet it vanishes altogether once in the part.! huh -
Why can it not always be in the same place every screen so you can click. click. click when backing out of deep down in an assembly. Same for exit in every occasion. It shouldn't on the left one time then the middle then the right.

if all the icon locations where corrected to achieve location consistency then this would be a big improvement.

Summary -
Obvious distinction between Icons - imagine your where Apple engineers - (I wish). how would they do it. Simple an chunky. The acid test is to see how quickly people can identify them amongst other icons.

Consistent and logical locations for icons.


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Reply 1# mudcrab

Ciao Mudcrab
defaults may also be improved, but let's not forget that they are freely customizable in order to overcome every taste, i have customized and put where i liked returning at the same position in each screen, nice work done by zw3d

2012-7-3 18:21

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I think the learning curve and time effort to fine tune a complex product like this when you are not sure how the customisation will transfer upwards is a big investment.
Perhaps a solution is for a selection of preset approaches to be available on the website so we can experiment.
If the customisation was drag and drop on screen then I'd be much happier as the process would probably be manageable.
This is 2012 so entering text to customise toolbars is passe' - like 5 years ago.
Maybe I need to watch the video again and try my hand.

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Reply 3# mudcrab

Ciao mudcrab

i custom prior to the course online and i have not written anything there are post of colin and wiliam that explain how to do, then the drag end drop would be a fairy tale, such as the power work with 2 or 3 screens {:3_59:} but there are OT


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Hi, Guys

'SMART-DRAW' and 'Dimension' icons should be more obvious, good suggestion, it is a little disturbing to have the 'light' over the icon

'Consistent Exit' have been added to V17 plan, we will add it on the top-right corner.

'Drag and Drop' could be the nice feature to customize the menu or toolbar, we have added to the V17 Plan.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions.

Best regards

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Hi Mudcrab

I raised this point (amongst others) almost exactly a year ago - here is the thread

I think when VX was purchased ZW wanted to put their own mark on the product and part of this was to redesign the look of all the visual icons. However, as you say and I said previously, the clarity and therefore ease of use has been lost. It wouldn't hurt for ZW to study the old VX icons and maybe look to match or improve on them...?


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