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DWF output in ZWCAD+

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 DWF output in ZWCAD+
06-07-2012 03:03 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I am extremely happy with the new ZWCAD+ with a new kernel. ZWCAD+ is very strong, stable and fast. The Ribbon UI, Smart Mouse and Tool Pallets are wonderful features.

However, we badly need the DWF output function. In this part of the world, it is mandatory for every designer to submit their drawings in the DWF format to the Government offices for approvals & sanctions. PDF format drawings are not accepted by the Government. Hence, without DWF output, users are finding it very difficult to submit their drawings. 90% of drawings need Government approvals for further action.

I request ZWSOFT to strongly consider including DWF output function as quickly as possible.

Thanks and Regards,

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07-07-2012 09:47 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 1# rajfro1790

Thanks for your comments, sir.
And ZWCAD+ Official will include DWF virtual printer and also the publish to DWF capability, both way allows you to output DWF files. Please just pay attention to the final release : )
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