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License manager is very strict

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 License manager is very strict
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I have become used to linux licenses which are very easy. My experience with the ZWCAD+ installation was interersting. I have more than one computer in my home. I am retired because of a medical disability I first downloaded and installed ZWCAD+ on an old Dell Ispiron 5100 under WinXP Pro. I chose to use manual activation in order to gain experience with the license manager. My past experience with ZWCAD has been that 30 days trial in not sufficiently. Furthermore, there have been tremendous enhancements in ZWCAD. My first attempt at manual activation was lengthy but it went well. I spent some time exploring ZWCAD+ on my old laptop and experienced the new enhancements. Then I thought to myself, "Why don't I install it on my desktop machine'. I went through manual activation proceedure twice and failed. Then I realized that installation on two machines is prohibited by the license manager.

I remember the Flexnet license manager from long ago when I was working. It is very strict. It is so strict that it is not possible to accomplish reasonable use.

The irony is that ZWCAD+ is offered for download to gather feedback, but I cannot even install ZWCAD+ on a second PC. The License manager is not only very strict, it too strict.


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May I know which license you are using?
is it from this thread?
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