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Print Quality of ZWCAD Drawing in MS WORD

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 Print Quality of ZWCAD Drawing in MS WORD
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Dear All,
Whenever I copy link a drawing(Edit-copy link) and paste in MSWORD document, the final print quality of the drawing in the document is very light (faint). Only the texts in the drawing come dark like the normal word texts in the documents. But the drawing lines etc. are extremely faint.
Even if I increase the lineweight to 5 the darkness does not increase.

I don't want to copy the drawing into the document as a picture also because it seems as if it has been scanned from existing drawing not originally self drawn.

Anybody to help me how to increase the darkness ?


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09-07-2012 09:33 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Best thing to do is use the WMFOUTcommand. This will export the ZWCAD/AutoCAD file as a Windows Metafile, which is a *.WMF file extension. All Microsoft products can read/import this file, and it's vectorized so it will retain perfect quality, and even will hold PLINE widths. Hope this helps.
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