Disappearing text

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 Disappearing text
12-07-2012 04:03 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

I have some (single box)tables in my drawings that are referencing measurements on my drawing (Insert field:Object:Measurement). Sometimes I have a formula (ie. =



When I initially enter the text/formula, everything works great. When I go to edit (change what dimension I'm referencing, or modify the formula), the text is invisible. I can highlight where the text/formula is, but I can not see what the text says. If I save and reload ZWCAD, the text is there, until I change it, and then again, it disappears if I want to again modify the text.

This is driving me nuts when I need to make multiple edits...ideas?

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28-11-2012 02:39 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 1# Ravi_Akella

try installing/repairing fonts once again from zwcad installation cd.

This can also happen if the relevant fonts in drawing file are not available in zwcad fonts folder.
try coping fonts from other sources like autocad fonts directory and paste in zwcad fonts directory and open the drawing again.
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