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Batch plotting dwg to PDF

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 Batch plotting dwg to PDF
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Hi there!!

I am having a problem when a batch plotting a project. I am using ZWCAD 2012 and I am using Publish > plot project, and I am plotting dwg to PDF. Everything works like a charm, but when I plot a lot of drawings it seems that CAD runs out of memor (this is my theory) becaus the majority of the drawing come out fine but some are missing lines or text, so the drawing looks like half print or the drawing has been cancel.

I have changed my settings to high, medium and low resolution but none of them help. Does anybody had have this problem, or have any suggestions.

thank you for all the help!!!

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I had a similar issue with batch plotting lines being dropped from a plot (not a PDF). I found I had to uninstall the plotter then reinstall it. Between both of those steps I shut my computer down, made sure the plotter was turned on then rebooted. The computer would find the "new" plotter and ask if I wanted to install it. So I would. Seems to have worked.

Are you on a standalone workstation or are you networked?
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