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dwg to pdf plot: how to make black & white?

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 dwg to pdf plot: how to make black & white?
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I printed a set of drawings using DWG to PDF. I sent the files to a print house. All the hatches got washed out and many light color lines were washed out.

I belive this is because the plot I made ended up being a color pdf showing all the layer colors.

If the drawing printed to pdf by line weight, as I had set it in the page set-up manager, I think the printhouse printer would plot correctly. or,

if the drawing printed to pdf in black and white the printer would print it by line weight.

How do I make DWG to PDF printing end up in black and white?

How does a third party printer recognize plot styles, screens and line weights?

I cannot find any settings in zwcd or in adobe reader which will change it. Funny though, I open the same files in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 and it they are in black and white. I save them and open them again in adobe reader and they are black and white. I'm sure this is not the process zwcad had in mind. What is the trick?

Adobe reader just upgraded in the middle of this version so maybe that has something to do with it. Any thoughts?

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To PDF Plottingin ZWCD, I think it's the print house. If you use a CTB or STB file to plot to PDF, then it should plot just like it would on paper. At lease it does for me. To plot in color set the plot style to NONE.

Try sending a DWFX instead. That's what I usually use.
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