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Fillet dialogues - suggested improvements

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 Fillet dialogues - suggested improvements
31-07-2012 11:42 . am   |   View his/her posts only
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Even though filleting can occur in both sketcher and model space they are very similar in actions. I think my suggestions apply to both.

I think the single corner fillet is redundant in sketcher. Multi corner works just as well and is always ready for the multi corner situation. This would need to changed in the RMB pop up as well.

I think Pick Curves should be default option in model space or better still give the user the choice of the default. For me it is the mode I almost always use as it is fast and usually does exactly what I am after.

My BIG suggestion is that the start radius should be calculated instantly by the system once the edges/curves are picked.

The options are either the biggest radius that will fit - just reduce as required.

or some variant that was say 50% of max.(as above) - this way you could adjust up or down.

I cannot make up my mind as to which is better - but either would be a big improvement over the dumb value that exists now.

The same size process should also be applied to the Chamfer.

Cheers - Paul:P

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Hi, Paul

'Enhancing the User Experience obviously with the optimized user interface', that is one of the projects we are working.

1) Single corner filleting is just the optional command, which doesn't pop-up the repeat dialogue. Before there are more request to retire this command, we will need to keep it.

2) When we are picking entities in Modeling, there are a lot elements such as sketch, edge, curve, face,etc. It is difficult to decide which on should be the default. Therefore, we should optimize the filter for different kinds of command accordingly, I think it will be more helpful in the next version

3) For the fillet command, it stores the last used value. I think the value should follow the mouse's position, which will be consistent with the Model Space. In Model Space, the value will be changed by moving the mouse's position

Best regards

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Hi Colin,
1) If you retire single corner know one would notice! Functionality would remain - just get rid of clicks and an icon.

2) I mean Pick Curves for filleting edges on a shape. Now I have to RMB then choose Pick Curves. When Filleting this option will do almost all except the occasional requirement. Would just make it faster to get filleting.

3) Yes it stores the last fillet value in a series action, but is set to 10mm and defaults there after other actions. Why not have it do both - calc. the optimal large fillet first time and remember setting after for the series.

If we want the user experience EXCELLENT- we need the software to do as much pre thinking as possible.
I think other users need to comment on this.
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