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FAQs about ZWCAD Touch! - Try to find your answers here first

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 FAQs about ZWCAD Touch! - Try to find your answers here first
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How to acquire ZWCAD Touch?

A:ZWCAD Touch’s multi-lingual versions are the same as ZWCAD+. Now it has alreadysupported 15 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English,Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech,Polish, Turkish and Hungarian. ZWCAD Touch will adjust its language by thesystem language automatically. If you change your system language, Touch will change along instantly.

Q: What is the connection anddifference between ZWCAD Touch and ZWCAD+?

In the future, ZWCAD Touch will integrated with ZWCAD+ better, so they can sharefiles seamlessly, with more fluent and consistent experience. Eventually establish a complete PC to Mobile solution.

Q: Does ZWCAD Touch support othersystems like Android and Windows Phone?

A:No. ZWCAD Touch’s goal is to help more designers to access and synchronize their drawings more conveniently at any time anywhere. At the same time, it helps promote the ZWCAD brand, to let more and more users get to know ZWCADthrough ZWCAD Touch. So ZWCAD Touch basic version will keep free permanently and keep updating. In the future, we also plan to publish advanced version forhigher level users, with more powerful features, or provide advanced accounts formore services, or even provide customize development, so different users can choose whether they’d like to pay alittle and gain more.

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