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Migrade ZWCAD UI to ZWCAD+(Guide)

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 Migrade ZWCAD UI to ZWCAD+(Guide)
17-01-2013 10:23 . am   |   View his/her posts only

As ZWCAD and ZWCAD+ are different products, some UI elements including Short-cut Key setting, Integrated Toolbar & Pull-down Menu, Options -> Profile, cannot be migrated to ZWCAD+.

Following guide is for migrating Alias, User-Create Toolbar, Add-on Menu & Toolbar, and other user-added support file.

Part 1:Export & Import Alias File.

Step 1:

In ZWCAD 2012, Tools -> Customize -> Alias -> Export, user will get a *.pgp file.

Export & Import Alias

2013-1-17 10:24

Step 2:

In ZWCAD+ 2012, run command “Aliasedit”, Then import the *.pgp file.

Run command “Reinit”.

Part 2:Migrate Support File

If user has added some own support files for ZWCAD 2012, copy to ZWCAD+ 2012.

Step 1:

In ZWCAD+ 2012, Firstly Switch Interface style to Classic.

switch classic ribbon menu

2013-1-17 10:17

Step 2:

In ZWCAD+ 2012, Tools -> Options -> File

autocad search path

2013-1-17 10:19

If user has added some own support file for ZWCAD 2012 in above all folder paths contained in the dialog box, please copy the file.

(Especially, please check following frequently used folder paths: Support File Search Path, Templates Search Path, Printer Support File Path )

For example,

If in C:\Program Files\ZWCAD 2012 Eng\Fonts, User has additional myfont.shx, copy the myfont.shx.

Step 3:

Then, In ZWCAD 2012, Tools -> Options -> Files

search path

2013-1-17 10:19

Find the corresponding folder path, and then paste the file.

For example:

Find C:\Program Files\ZWCAD+ 2012\fonts, (corresponding to C:\Program Files\ZWCAD 2012 Eng\Fonts)

Then paste myfont.shx.

If cannot find the corresponding path in ZWCAD+, add a new path into the list with same name. And then paste file into the folder.

add search path cad

2013-1-17 10:19

Part 3:Migrate User-Create Toolbar

Step 1:

If user has created toolbar in ZWCAD 2012 (Created by Tools-> Customize -> Toolbars -> New), In ZWCAD 2012, click Export, choose the self-defined toolbar, then click OK.

Then user will get a *.mnu file.

Export & Import Alias

2013-1-17 10:19

Step 2:

In ZWCAD+ 2012, run command “MenuLoad”, then load the *.mnu file.

Step 3:

In ZWCAD+ 2012, Tools -> Customize, then right click the button image to edit it.

edit cad button

2013-1-17 10:20

And then replace the image with picture.

edit autocad button

2013-1-17 10:20

Part 4:Add-on Menu & Toolbar

If user has other *.mnu file for add-on menu and toolbar,

In ZWCAD+ 2012, run command “Menuload”, then load the *.mnu file.

Finally, in ZWCAD+ 2012, run command “Reinit”.

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