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Features..... SWx users want in 2013!!!

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 Features..... SWx users want in 2013!!!
13-02-2013 01:18 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Thought this was interesting.... my comments added re ZW2013 and how it stacks up in these.SolidWorks top 10 user requested features

1. Make rebuild time faster - Side by side comparison would be nice. Seems 2013 is quite fast.
2. True backward compatibility - What does this mean?
3. Slot mate - agreed tricky doing these - need to make a curve then add hidden point and hope it all works. Hybrid modelling helps but it is not easy.
4. Cylindrical mates need an option to lock rotation - Z3 can do that easy - I hope the alignment Range Option bug is fixed in 2013
5. Provide a version of the eDrawings mobile app for Android devices - must have better eyes than me
6. Option for equal spacing on linear patterns - Z3 for years I think
7. Default concentric mate for axis to cylindrical surface - agreed
8. External thread wizard for all thread types - Z3 needs wizards - Would be easy to set a library and have Z3 wizard to do this. Old school never modelled threads!
9. Draw a line segment starting from the midpoint - that would be handy if it auto constrained to the centre reference point. Z3 Symettry sorta removes the need?
10. Create auxiliary line for dimensioning angles - Handy - work around to use Associate line with view.

Curious to know if any of these are much requested within Z3?

Cheers - Paul

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14-02-2013 03:43 . am   |   View his/her posts only
"1. Make rebuild time faster - Side by side comparison would be nice. Seems 2013 is quite fast."

It's not fast. All history based CAD modelers suffer from the same problems. The sooner more CAD users understand the problems the sooner the problems will get fixed.

Jon Banquer
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