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Different ways to copy external geometry (Modify on 17th.Feb.2014)

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 Different ways to copy external geometry (Modify on 17th.Feb.2014)
16-04-2013 11:13 . am   |   View his/her posts only
For individual part, ZW3D support use Simple Copy command to copy different entities. This is easy to understand.

But how about multi parts, how to import and export geometrys between them?

The below content will mainly introduce several related commands to achieve this purpose.

* When we standing in the assembled level, we have two situations.

2013-4-16 14-24-36.png
2013-4-16 14:25

We suppose Part A is the work part/activate part.
We can copy geometry from Part_ A to Part_B, we can also Copy geometry from Part_B to Part_A.

2013-4-16 14-32-42.png
2013-4-16 14:33

So in ZW3D, it’s the reversible process for “copy geometry to components”

Next let's sew what commands ZW3D have to for those two diffferent situations.

2013-4-16 14-46-05.png
2013-4-16 14:46

* Copy Geometry to part (Assembly-> Geom to part)

This command can copy/cut specify integral entities to exteral components with history or without history, also you can copy/cut integral entities to external part, for the second situation, you still can decide whether instance the destination part into the active part as a component

(Note: This function just support integral entities, means complete entities such as shape, curve, block and point)

Regarding more detail about this command, please see below videos.

(Updating below on 17th.Feb.2014)


Notice: The above video shows the functions "Copy geometry to part" in 2013, since 2014, this function add one more option "Create sub-part in destination part"

So since ZW3D 2014, this function will support "associative copy"

1. Associative copy using "Import geometry" without using "Subpart"

->Uncheck all options

2014-2-17 09:19

2014-2-17 09:20

2. Associative copy using "Subpart"

->Only check the option "Create sub-part in destination part"

2014-2-17 09:22

2014-2-17 09:26

* Extract shape (Assembly-> Extract shape)

Use this command to extract a "stand-alone" shape out of the active part and into its own component part, replacing the shape with a component. This command can be thought of as an alternate method of Assembly Design where you build all the shapes for an assembly in one part, then extract them out to separate components for CAM and 2D detailing.

Note: 1. This command use to copy the shape to become the sub-component of current part without associative.
2013-5-31 14-35-55.png
2013-5-31 14:37

2. Once you have used this command, all the original geometry will be erased.

2013-5-31 14-37-23.png
2013-5-31 14:38

3. This command works as One-off feature, you can't go back Redefine again. It means that once you have used this command, any changes for original geometry will not affect the extracted component.

Above command use to copy geometry from current work part (Acitvate part) to other existed component or new component.

The following command will be used to copy geometry from external component to current work part (activated part)

* Merge (Assembly-> Merge)

1. This command can be used to copy the external component geometry to current work part (Activated part) in assembly. Use this command to create a base shape (using the Base option) or feature (using the Add, Remove or Intersect options) from a component. When using the Base option, the component becomes a "stand-alone" base shape in the active part. The new shape is associated with the component from which it was created.

2. The original component remains in the Assembly Tree but is shown as disabled (i.e. low-lighted). If the new shape is erased, the original component is removed from the Assembly Tree.

2013-7-25 15-07-14.jpg
2013-7-25 15:12

* External part (Dataexchange-> External part)

This command is a little similar to Merge, which has not Combination option and support to copy not just external part/object in current z3 but also external part/object from external z3 file.

2013-7-25 15-22-09.jpg
2013-7-25 15:23

BTY, this function was improved in 2013 SP version:

•"Sub-Part with Associative Copy" - This option creates a sub-part with a copy of the geometry of the external part selected by the user. The history of the sub-part has an "Associative Copy" operation that imports the external part geometry.
•"Sub-Part with History" - This option creates a sub-part with a copy of the full history of the external part selected by the user. Once the external part's geometry and history is copied into the sub-part, there is no longer any associativity between the parent/sub-part and the external part.
•"History copied into this part" - This option copies the history of the external part into the active part, appending the external part's history to the end of the active part's history. Imported history operations are renamed as needed so they do not conflict with pre-existing operations in the parent part. It also incurs the overhead of an extra copy of the imported geometry (one copy in the sub-part, another copy in the parent part).
•"Associative Copy in this part" - This option adds an "Associative Copy" operation to the history of the parent part that imports the geometry of the external part selected by the user. Each time the parent part is regenerated, a new copy of the external part will be imported into the parent part.

* Reference geometry (Assembly-> Reference)

This is a good function I suggest user use it to do Top down Assembly design.

Use the Reference Geometry to copy geometry from other parts in the assembly into the work part.
You can create either associative linked objects or non-associative copies. When you edit the source geometry, the associative linked geometry updates.

You can:

* Link geometry from one component part in an assembly into the same assembly work part.
* Link geometry from one subassembly into another subassembly.

2013-7-25 15-27-28.jpg
2013-7-25 15:29

Note: This is the only command can achieve Interpart modeling with timestamp, about the explaination for Timestamp, please check the other post below.

The video about Reference Geometry functions.

Video Download link

The article about how to use Refernce Geometry for Top-Down Assembly modeling design

Using Reference Geometry for Top-Down Assembly Design in ZW3D.pdf (1.45 MB)

The powerpoint about the instructions of Reference Geometry.

Reference Geometry functions.pptx (559.17 KB)

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18-04-2013 05:53 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
FYI:When I am modelling cast parts I want to model the casting for pattern and final result AND the machine part for machine drawins etc.

I sketch the machining forms first.
Then I use those sketches as driving refrences for the casting outline, extrude limits etc.
When the model development has all the casting complete I need to record the shape for casting drawings pattern etc. I use extract geometry to part.
The shape on screen is no longer editable as it is now an extracted part existing component.
Then I merge the component back and use the machine sketches to complete the 'machining', add holes etc.

It works fine - but there are overheads.
Extract and merge take time to process during regens.
You can suppress the extract and merge to speed things up but downstream actions may need redefining as references change.
Your part is now an assembly.

So an alternative approach is to leave out the Extract and Merge until you are really finished, then put them the appropriate place. You still may have to redfine down stream - once. The advantage of this is faster regens - apart from that - not much.

I haven't found a better way around this. If anyone has any suggestions I am keen to learn.

So this is another way of using geometry extract.


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31-05-2013 02:48 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 2# mudcrab

:lol Hi Paul, maybe you can share something or help me to introduce "External part"?

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25-07-2013 03:40 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Finish updating, all the function use to copy geometry between different component for interpart modeling have been introduced in this post. You can base on real request to use them in different situation.
See also