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ZWCAD Lisp FAQ, migrate AutoCAD lisp to ZWCAD+

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 ZWCAD Lisp FAQ, migrate AutoCAD lisp to ZWCAD+
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LISP FAQ.rar (55.2 KB)

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hi Arphone,
Thank you for sharing ZWCAD+ Lisp FAQ, let me paste as following. O(∩_∩)O~~

---------------------------ZWCAD+ Lisp FAQ------------------------

Q: Can the lisp program developed in AutoCAD be operated in ZWCAD+?

A: Yes, for the convenience of our users, we design the lisp interface consistent with AutoCAD; most of the lisp programs developed in AutoCAD can be operated directly in ZWCAD+.

Q: Is there any differences about loading method of lisp between ZWCAD+ and AutoCAD?

A: Almost the same as AutoCAD, entering APPLOAD in command line or click application-loading option in drag menu shows as the picture below. Opens dialog box and click ADD button to select the file you want to load, then selects file in file list, click LOAD button and OK to load the file you select. Besisdes Startup Suite can also be used to execute some files automatically when ZWCAD+ starts, detail illustrations.
2013-4-26 08:51

Q: How can I load a .vlx or .fas file?

A: You can load them with APPLOAD command or use lisp function LOAD. For example, if you want to load “c:\myfile.vlx”, you should call (load “c:\myfile.vlx”).

Q: Why I cannot execute some lisp programs sometimes?

A: There may be several reasons as follows:
1. Parameters called by the CAMMAND function are wrong.
2. Using the function that ZWCAD+ does not support at present.
3. Using the system variables that are not existed in ZWCAD+ like VTENABLE.
4. Problem of SSGET parameter.
5. Script error.
6. Forget to load .pgp file. You can change customize .pgp file to be a name of ZWCAD+.pgp so that ZWCAD+ can load it automatically when you open it.
7. Calling VBA macro with Lisp. The VBA macro write in AutoCAD cannot be applied directly in ZWCAD+.
8. Using .arx files. ZWCAD+ does not support this format at present.

Q: Why the system repeatedly prompts me to “you have defined a block, do you want to redefined it?” when I insert a block?

A: This phenomenon appears when you insert a block that has been in a drawing. Setting system variable EXPERT inhibit this prompt.

Q: I hope ZWCAD+ to load lisp, menu and .mnl files automatically when I open ZWCAD+ without using Startup Suit, what can I do?

A: You can name these file as zwcad.lsp, zwcad.mns and zwcad.mnl separately, so that ZWCAD+ could load them when it starts.

Q: How can I do if I want to load menu or tool bar manually?

A: Currently ZWCAD+ doesn’t support CUI/CUIX files. You can use MENULOAD command to load your .mnu/.mns files.

Q: What is the difference between ZWCAD+ and AutoCAD when adding file search path?

A: There is no difference. Entering OP at the command line or clicking Option dialog box, choosing File tab and clicking Add button, then click Browse button to select path.

add file path to options

2013-4-26 08:52

Q: I cannot find any solution from the answers above, what should I do?

A: You can also turn to us; we will help you to resolve problems sincerely.

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thanks for sharing
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