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Use ZWCAD+ COM in your Application

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 Use ZWCAD+ COM in your Application
27-04-2013 03:41 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
The COM of ZWCAD+ is embedded in ZWCAD.exe rather than ZWCAD.OCX or ZWCAD.DLL, in this case, if you need to call ZWCAD+ in your Application such as developed by VB or VB.NET or C#..., please add ZWCAD.exe in the installation folder of ZWCAD+ as reference to use the COM of ZWCAD+.
For Example:

zwcad COM APIs

2013-5-17 11:12

To start ZWCAD+ via COM(take VB.NET for instance):
you can use createobject("ZWCAD+.application") to create a new ZWCAD+ instance or use getoject("ZWCAD+. application") to get the instance of a running ZWCAD+.

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