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Use your AutoCAD VBA application in ZWCAD+

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 Use your AutoCAD VBA application in ZWCAD+
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How to use your AutoCAD VBA application in ZWCAD+? How to migrate AutoCAD VBA application to ZWCAD+? In AutoCAD, the VBA application is in DVB format which can't be used in ZWCAD+ directly(ZWCAD+ uses ZPVB as the extension of its VBA application),but you can still keep your VBA application in ZWCAD+ with a little modification mentioned below:

1. Copy all codes in Thisdrawing from AutoCAD to ZWCAD+.
Tips:If your VBA contains Classes, modules or forms, please export it in AutoCAD and then import to ZWCAD+.

2. Change entities type from AcadXXX to ZcadXXX, for example, AcadLayer→ZcadLayer, IAcadLWPolyline→IZcadLWPolyline.
Tips:You can just replace all "Acad" with "Zcad".

3. Change all the entity declaration from acXXX to zcXXX, for example, acRed→zcRed, AcadAcCmColor→ZcadZcCmColor.
Tips: Please keep the Objectname the same as that in AutoCAD, such as AcDbLine must be kept.

4. If you use this, please Modify: AcadApplication.GetInterfaceObject("AutoCAD.AcCmColor.16")→ZcadApplication.GetInterfaceObject("ZWCAD.ZcCmColor ").

5. Save your project in ZPVB format and finish the modification.

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