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[Tips Sharing] How to Create Folder and Manage Your Files

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 [Tips Sharing] How to Create Folder and Manage Your Files
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How to Create Folders and Manage Your Files

Even though ZWCAD Touch is a small and compact app, it has a full set of file managing features to help those users who have a large number of drawings.

You can create folders in Local Drawings section and any of your Cloud Folders (Fonts andSample Drawings section is not allowed to create sub-folders). If you create folders in Cloud Folders, it will also be synced to your cloud storage so you can view this folder on any other available devices.

Let’s take Local Drawings section for example:

1.Tap to access local or any cloud folder, then you will see three small buttons at the bottom bar. Tap the first one to Create New Folder. A prompt dialog box will show up as below:

2013-5-3 15:13

2.Enter the folder name and tap OK to finish, then you will see this new folder is added to your Local Drawings.

2013-5-3 15:13

3.Now you can put any files into this new folder by using Copy/Move button, which is the middle one in the bottom bar. Tap it and there will be a checkbox shows up by the left side of each file/folder.

4.Tap to select the files youwant to move or copy, and then tap the Move or Copy button in the bottom bar. A“Select Folder” dialog box will come up for you to choose the destination folder. In fact, you can choose any local or cloud folder without limitation.

2013-5-3 15:13

5.Browse into the folder you just created, and tap the “Choose” button at the bottom-right corner to finish.

Now the files are already put into the new folder you created. So convenient, isn’t it?

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