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[Tips Sharing]Search your drawings in ZWCAD Touch

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 [Tips Sharing]Search your drawings in ZWCAD Touch
21-05-2013 03:03 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

Search your drawings in ZWCAD Touch

Last time we shared a tip about how to manage large amount of files by creating folders. But how can I quickly find the one I want to open?

In order to solve this problem, ZWCAD Touch provided the File Search box. You can find it in every folders, no matter local ones or on the cloud.


2013-5-21 15:02

The figure above shows when the search box is activated in a folder with many drawings. To find the one you want, just type any character you remember in the file name.Just like following:


2013-5-21 15:02

When I input “Ma”,only drawings that contain “ma” (case insensitive) in the file name will be listed,and others are filtered. Now it’s much easier to choose the right one. And the search result is dynamically changed when you keep typing, so that you don’t even need a “Search” button.

How do you feel about this time-saving features? Convenient, isn't it? Leave your comment and share your experience about ZWCAD Touch to users around the world.

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