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How to Convert DGN to DWG? How to Convert Microstation to AutoCAD Files?

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 How to Convert DGN to DWG? How to Convert Microstation to AutoCAD Files?
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Can anyone suggest the way to convert dgn to dwg? How to convert microstation to autocad files? I only have access to autocad not microstation. Is the only way through a converter program? Are there any good free ones? Is there a way to do it without a separate program?

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28-05-2013 04:02 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
You don't need any converter, just use AutoCAD to convert Microstation DGN format to Autocad DWG. AutoCAD 2009(or higher version) supports reading and writing DGN file (DGN v8 or DGN v7), and both 2d and 3d are accepted, try the commands DGNIMPORT and DGNEXPORT. By the way, you can insert DGN into AutoCAD DWG drawing as underlay (without any conversion).

I don’t know whether ZWCAD reads DGN.
To translate CAD drawings, you can also try the export of "DWG" files (a data format closely related to Autodesk DWG) available in Microstation.

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Reply 2# SLW210

Thanks for the help

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what a pity! zwcad doesn't support dgn file.

I use dgn in autocad like these way:
1. input command IMPORT, select DGN format from file type drop-down list, and then select a dgn file
2. autocad pop up a dialog box, about dgn to dwg settings, such as layer and linetype mapping.
3. Save it in autocad, then it is saved as a dwg file.

these are steps I convert dgn file to dwg by autocad, by the way, only autocad high version supports dgn, for me, I use autocad 2012.

import dgn autocad

2013-8-29 11:53

dgn settings autocad

2013-8-29 11:53

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Reply 5# Jenny_ZWCAD

when ZWCAD+ supposed to be have this feature?

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hi all,

there is a nice tool for this : Convert Dgn to Dwg Folder

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Hello sir :) If you still need some help with this type of conversion, you can check AutoDWG DGN to DWG Converter Pro. I've been using it for a while and it works really well for me. Trial period isn't long though but I work with DNG files pretty often and investing in such an app turned out to be a good decision. Cheers!

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18-06-2014 05:24 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Please allow import 3D objects in ZWCAD ARCHITECTURE, to build user 3D Library, after solving
AcDbSubDMesh Class Problem:
Sketchup *.skp files to import people with texture mapping, 3D Vehicles etc.
3DStudio *.3ds to import rich Plants Libraries, 3D Vehicles etc.

Wavefront Technologies *.obj to import rich Plants Libraries
3DMAX *.max
Blender *.blend

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As I know ZWSOFT recently promissed to include DGN import and Export in near future.

Because many customers are waiting for that, and because many of them could affraid if it really will become reality (the same as me) - I would like to share with you the fact which I have noticed only now.

The fact is that Open Design Alliance except of DWGDirect now also provides DGNdirect.

I really don't know how old this information is - but thanks it I'm sure ZWSOFT will keep it's promisses and DGN import/Export will be included into ZWCAD soon.

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