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[Tips Sharing] Set up your views for 3D design

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 [Tips Sharing] Set up your views for 3D design
30-05-2013 01:52 . pm   |   View his/her posts only

Set up your views for 3D design

In the latest ZWCAD Touch version 1.1, we added the support for 3D viewing and background settings. Today let’s get on a ride to enjoy all the 3D capabilities in Touch.

We open“Crane_3D.dwg” file in ZWCAD Touch sample drawing for demonstration. When first opened, it is displayed as below:

2013-5-30 13:51

2D wireframe,black background, everything as always. You can use one or two fingers to pan and zoom, but you can’t orbit or rotate the view to see things in 3D.

Now a new “Eye” button is added in the bottom toolbar to change all the view settings.Tap it to show a menu. You will see currently this drawing is in “2D” view mode.

Tap the “3D wireframe” button to switch to a 3D view. More button for different viewpoint will be shown. Tap them to change to different directions, with 4 isometric views. The Blue Home button is to restore to original view. A Front view is shown below:

2013-5-30 13:51

You mightthink it looks the same like 2D view, only direction is changed. But actually,no. In 3D view, the viewing operations are changed to suit 3D viewing. Now, one finger is to orbit/rotate the model freely so you can view the model from literally any direction and distance. Panning now needs two finger, just like zooming. You can also use two finger to orbit the model, which is easier to control.

Another thing that is different in 3D mode, is that you can’t select any entity or create any new entity. So 3D mode is only for viewing for the time being. (What? You want 3D editing? OK, let’s try it later…)

Let’s go back to the View menu again. There are one more mode called “3D solid”. Yes, it’s ashaded mode with no wireframes. You can see the most realistic view of your design under this mode.

2013-5-30 13:51

So cool, huh?If you haven’t tried it yet, go to the Apple App Store to download or update to the latest version of ZWCAD Touch, and these will be all yours.

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