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* ZW3D 2013 SP versioion -New feature collection *

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 * ZW3D 2013 SP versioion -New feature collection *
03-07-2013 02:53 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
ZW3D 2013 SP Version (1710) will be released at September and Beta version will be readyed this month. this post will be used to introduced the new features and any improvemtns in ZW3D 2013 SP version.

Please keep focus on this subject, we will keep on updating and share what I know in this version.

1. Add a filter for different standard templates.

2013-7-3 14-45-05.jpg
2013-7-3 14:54

2. Keep the original transparentcolor when the component is un-activated

2013-7-3 15-04-52.jpg
2013-7-3 15:08

3. More commands to supported for transparent operation

Blank, Unbland. etc, all the inquire command can be used during other operation command.

For example, when you do Extrude operation, you can use Blank command to hide somethings else what you don't want to see, and the Extrude command can keep the working statu

2013-7-3 15-10-34.jpg
2013-7-3 15:22

4. New “Pick from List” function to help to select obscured objects

4.1 part enviroment

2013-7-3 15-25-19.jpg
2013-7-3 15:33

4.2 Assembly enviroment

This new feature can help operator to through the assembled levele to select the sub-components

2013-7-3 14-46-57.jpg
2013-7-3 15:31

2013-7-3 14-46-42.jpg
2013-7-3 15:28

5. Add more dimension commands to "Dimension tools"

Support to change the dimension presicion

2013-7-3 15-39-44.jpg
2013-7-3 15:41

6. Loft command support use Points as Profile

2013-7-4 15-44-22.jpg
2013-7-4 15:51

7. Upgrade “External Copy” to support history extraction
2013-7-4 16-03-03.jpg
2013-7-4 16:03

•"Sub-Part with Associative Copy" - This option creates a sub-part with a copy of the geometry of the external part selected by the user. The history of the sub-part has an "Associative Copy" operation that imports the external part geometry.
•"Sub-Part with History" - This option creates a sub-part with a copy of the full history of the external part selected by the user. Once the external part's geometry and history is copied into the sub-part, there is no longer any associativity between the parent/sub-part and the external part.
•"History copied into this part" - This option copies the history of the external part into the active part, appending the external part's history to the end of the active part's history. Imported history operations are renamed as needed so they do not conflict with pre-existing operations in the parent part. It also incurs the overhead of an extra copy of the imported geometry (one copy in the sub-part, another copy in the parent part).
•"Associative Copy in this part" - This option adds an "Associative Copy" operation to the history of the parent part that imports the geometry of the external part selected by the user. Each time the parent part is regenerated, a new copy of the external part will be imported into the parent part.

8. New mechanism for opening the same file by different Users

2013-7-12 18-42-14.jpg
2013-7-12 18:45

9. New Hole table support User-defined hole feature

2013-7-12 18-45-53.jpg
2013-7-12 18:47

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06-07-2013 04:33 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi William,

Thanks for this info.

ZWsoft commitment to the product and user communication has greatly improved, IMHO. Go on!
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