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For those (poor souls) working with Point Clouds, a set of Point Cloud File utils are available:

1) STL TO POINTS: Convert an STL file (both ASCII and Binary supported) into an XYZ CSV points file (This program was written by K Lee (Mr VX Point Cloud) and is very fast);

2) IGES TO POINTS: Collect all 3D point entities from an IGES file and convert to XYZ CSV points file. You can also use this as a quick way of exporting many points from VX - export as an IGES file, then convert;

3) THIN POINTS: Got a really big or a really bad points file? Use this program to get the data into VX. A range of XYZ CSV files are produced, thinned from 10% up to 90%, ready for you to select from the most useful ones. So, you can use a high-density cloud just for the tiny features, and a low density cloud for the underlying base faces - the best of both worlds.

4) FORMAT FOR FOIL CURVES PROGRAM. The FoilCurvesIn program requires the sets of points to be delimited. This program will take a raw points file and format it accordingly. Note, the original file still needs to have been defined for foil curves (lofting) for FoilCurvesIn to work.

All of the above programs run in the Windows CMD Window, to process as quickly as possible. They are launched from within VX.

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