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Introduction for H-register, D register and CUTCOM (Tool manager)

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 Introduction for H-register, D register and CUTCOM (Tool manager)
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About the Tool -More parameters, what does the H and D Register do?

The H-register is the ID of the tool length compensation.

2013-8-1 09:24

Tool length compensation is a way for your CNC control to adjust for differences in length between different tools, without your having to worry about those differences in your part program.

The control can adjust for tool lengths on request, provided it knows how long each tool is relative to some standard length (and therefore relative to each other tool).

These relative length are called Tool Length Offsets or Tool Height Offsets.

On the Centroid control, tool length offsets are stored in the offset library.

In Heidenhain control, it use only one library to store the Tool Number, Tool height compensation value and Tool radius offset value.

So it just need one command then can activated all of them.

But for Fanuc controller, the tool ID, height compensation values, and radius compensation value can be separated, it mean that, the Tool ID and Compensation IDs can be different.

2013-8-1 09:25

D register is for the ID of Cutter Diameter Compensation (also called Cutter Radius compensation).

The purpose of this feature is to allow the programmer of the tool path program to virtualizethe tool path,

So that the control can, at run time, determine the correct offset from the surface to be cut, based on the tools available.

If you resharpen the side cutting edges of end mills, then they will end up smaller than the standard diameters.

Concerning the Center-of-Ball option, this option mainly for the Ball end-mill.

2013-8-1 09:25

General speaking, the tip of the ball will be used to set the Z origin.

2013-8-1 09:25

If the tool-path is as following figure.

2013-8-1 09:25

The NC will be as below.

2013-8-1 09:25

For special application, user can set the center of the ball cutter as the Z origin.

2013-8-1 09:25

Then, we can get the NC data as following figure.

2013-8-1 09:25

That’s all.

Thank you.

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