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 VX 6.5
23-08-2002 01:54 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Check out the new Assembly and CAM GUI in VX version 6.5

Cool huh?

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09-09-2002 05:40 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
6.51 is now the official release.

So what's different in 6.51 (from 6.5 that is)?:

Correct CAM machine/tool library browsers from failing with long pathname found in vxpaths.

Ensure UiCmTool form exists upon new GUI init to prevent library import failures.

When single part is imported as Assembly in Setup Manager, begin indexing CAM Component names with "1" not "0". This will ensure consistency with importing genuine assemblies and will prevent NewGui failures in single part import case. (Current behavior is that tool paths will not be created!)

Allow user to delete tool paths (operations) from the tree widget.

Reduce unnecessary and slow redraws and add redraw for operation show/hide.

Fix 2D smart pick pop-up menus.

Fix core caused by taking down Options form.

Fix 2D external reference geometry.

Improved 5axis swarf cut reliability by detecting situations where false gouging with drive surfaces or check surfaces happens. Enhanced fanning motions when the next drive surfaces is too small to be cut. Avoided to have approaching or retracting motions around fanning paths. Be able to adjust tool axis for approaching and retracting to avoid gouging.

Incorrect ordering of profiles to be cut and forcing closure of open profiles generated wrong surface engraving tool paths.

Roughing ignored the thick value and left insufficient amount of stock on "top faces."

Quick milling fixes are: Supports Cache Directory Name with Spaces in the name; Support Negative value for Surface Offset for QuickMill; finishing Operations; and Clean-up the FinishDistFactor value checks which are inconsistent on the release tree

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