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DWF DWFx difference, DWF vs DWFx, convert DWF to DWFx

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 DWF DWFx difference, DWF vs DWFx, convert DWF to DWFx
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What's difference between DWF and DWFx file format? Can anyone explain DWF vs DWFx? When publish to DWF in AutoCAD, except DXF format, there is DXFx option too, what is DWFx format?

Is it similar to office doc and docx format? So DXFx is a more modern DXF file format? Which one should I choose when publish a dwg file to someone to review?

Or if I have DWF file, how can I convert DWF to DWFx? Any converter for this purpose?

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Reply 1# Dink87522

hi, you guess right, DWFx is a newer format of DWF. DWFx contains 3D design data, object properties and metadata.

You can view DWF file with Autodesk Design Review (Autodesk DWF Viewer) .
For DWFx format, Autodesk Design Review is not the only choice, you can view DWFx file with XPS viewer on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

I didn't find DWFx in the "Publish to" list in ZWCAD+, so I guess ZWCAD+ doesn't support this modern format. But I really suggest ZW people to add this if possible, many of my co-workers use DWFx format.

I don't know if there is any DWFx to DWF converter, simply I use Autodesk Design Review to convert DWFx back to DWF, open DWFx file and Save As, choose *.dwf file.
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