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ZW3D 2011 on windows 8 activation problem

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 ZW3D 2011 on windows 8 activation problem
17-09-2013 10:28 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I have just upgraded to a laptop running windows 8 & have installed my ZW3D 2011 software, all looks to be ok except when I try to activate, the computer won't recognise the dongle, the dongle still works fine on my other laptop that runs windows 7. Is there a file that needs changing?

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17-09-2013 02:44 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi Exben,
This is Kings from ZW3D technical support center.
ZW3D 2011 can't be compatible to run on Win8 OS.
For the compatibility with Windows8, we have made huge efforts in the ZW3D 2013 development. With ZW3D 2013, you can make better use of Windows 8.

In my opinion, I strongly recommend you to upgrade to ZW3D 2013, since the advantage is obvious to improve your design experience.

This is some new experience you can get,
1)New Ribbon Interface
2)Up to 10 times faster graphics performance
3)Up to 10 times faster history regeneration
4)Up to 3 times faster STEP import, New 3D PDF export, New SAT file export
5)Enhanced direct editing functions
6)New multiple sheet manager, new multiple file tab
7)New drag and drop feature & assembly manager
8)Easier sketch, smart constraint tools, new quick dimension tools
9)2D associative views
10)New whole process Mold design module
11)Drag and drop CAM folder
12)New tool library
13)New undercut operation
14)New outer helical milling operation
15)New top-face cutting
16)New over-cut tool path analysis
17)New tangent containment option, new check faces option
18)Optimized Lead in & lead out
19)Faster tool path calculation
20)Enhanced post processor

If you still insist to use ZW3D 2011 in Windows 8, could you please contact our local reseller to switch your dongle to soft-key.
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