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ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge

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 ZW3D Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge
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Design a vehicle for your favorite superhero.

For most people, superheroes are an irreplaceable part of their childhood. It's full of reading a lot of comics, watching cartoons on TV, or going to the movies to watch them on the big screen. You remember their powers and recite them to your friends without any effort.

They all need to get to the scene to do rescues, but not all heroes can fly. Have you ever imagined a design for your favorite superheroes ride to the action? Now is the time to recapture your dream superhero vehicle and model it in 3D.

ZWSOFT joins GrabCAD once again for a design challenge, which provides GrabCADrs a chance to show their imagination, creativity, and design skills. Designs are not limited to cars, create any form of transportation to help your favorite superheroes get there faster.

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