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dotNet compatibility problem between autocad and zwcad+

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 dotNet compatibility problem between autocad and zwcad+
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Compare ZwCad - (382.75 KB)


I have some question about the compatibility betwwen autocad and zwcad+ using dotNet , and found some problems while testing

Attached , you can find a compressed file with 2 projects
one (testzw_acad) is directly created for autocad 2014
the second is the previous converted following your instructions founds in this forum
each of them contain screen-copy for test1 and test5 display

each project contains 5 commands (named test1 to test5), one for each problem

my tests are with
windows7 french
autocad 2014 french
zwcad+ 204 beta

to test , I only fire autocad (or zwcad) , launch the dll with netload , fire each command

1) with which version of AutoCAD, is zwcad compatible ? (2012 / 2013 / 2014 ?) (at an api level)
I think , the test2 to test4 problems are related to this question

2) about test1
the string conversion use a different decimal separator
zwcad use the european one (exactly like visual studio alone)
autocad use the american one
is it possible to change a zwcad parameter in order to operate exactly like AutoCAD ?

3) about test2
zwcad circle object has no diameter property

4) about test3
some values for comandflags are missing

5) about test4
the autocad paletteset add method has a new parameter type

6) about test5
the more problematic
as you can see in the screen copies , the results of this command are very différents.
zwcad give a very false display but why ?
the autocad result is the good one
(this sample is a part of a bigger software , so the programmatic logic can be strange)

can you give me a solution about this points ?

thanks in advance for your answer
sorry for my poor English


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