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Working two sides into a single file

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 Working two sides into a single file
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2013-10-1 00:47

How can I do to work in two different parts of a single working file, starting with a rough work, as you can see in the screenshot.
In reality, the two sides come from two different files (and are more complex than the one in the screenshot) and then subsequently I can move the two sides individually

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Hi Cordon.
Simply operate as an assembly.
insert and align both parts exactly as you need.
Then insert a new part - your rough work - and operate on this.
You can then use the reference tools to pull geometry, references etc from the insert parts A, B, C etc.
This is fundamental Top Down Design. ZW does it very well.
TIP: get familiar with the Show Target Button - it is your friend.

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I place both parts on the CAM Plan.
Then i ad two stocks.
For both parts i add an new frame with G54 and G55
Then i make may operations, sort it by mill type and make one program.
On the machine i use offset G54 and G55.
Both parts will be milled with optimal tool change.

But i have an other question about to parts in one cam plan:
I have two cam files, one for the first mill step and the second Z3 file for the second mill step.
At the first time, i mill it separately, no i want to mill it together with unnecessary toll changes.
Is there a way to combine two cam plans with all operations ?
I only find a way to import one operation, but the the feature like profile, holes...are not imported.

In the future, i only will make the complete milling in one Z3 file.

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Hi ZW3Duser,

Thank you for helping to answer the question.
Concerning your inquiry, In ZW3D 2013, it offers a more convinenent way for users to copy and paste the operation from one file to another.
Just select the copy option by right click on any operation or folder or operations, then you can easily paste them into the speicfic CAM plan by just clicking the paste option from the righ-click menu.
Since different file have different geometries, even they are the same, it needs to insert or create the features again and caculate tool-paths.

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