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autocad 2010| autocad 2012| autocad 2013

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 autocad 2010| autocad 2012| autocad 2013
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is there any autocad 2010 ?

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Reply 1# easyca3115

I found this from internet:
After downloading ZWCAD 2012 , register according to the following steps:

1. Start the installation of ZWCAD 2012
2. Input the serial number: 666-69696969, 667-98989898 or 400-45454545, input the key: 001D1;
3. Complete the installation, restart CAD;
4, click on the activation wizard to select “I have an activation code of zwcad”
5. In the activation screen select "I have a zwcad activation code"
6. Once the activation screen opened, start the . If yours are a 32-bit, start the 32-bit,
If it is 64-bit, start the 64-bit (if you are using Windows 7 system, choose to run the as an administrator);
7. Paste the request code and paste to the Reqest field of the ;
8. Click Generate to get the activation code, and click the Mem Patch button, otherwise you will be unable to activate;
9. copy the activation code to the "enter activation code” field and click "next".
Then, you have a fullly registered ZWCAD products.

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