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Issues with ZWCAD+ 2014

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 Issues with ZWCAD+ 2014
31-10-2013 01:43 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
ZWCAD+ 2014 trail version is using by my friend(within 30 days).Pls help him to sort it out the issues.

1. always hang and close when making big boundary.

2. closed without recover file.

3.sometimes it don't create boundary but when i open to other software it creates the boundary.

4. copying from another drawing file to be transfered to a new drawing file have this message

" copy to clipboard failed", so i need again to open it to the other software so that i can copy paste.

5. take time to join line or polylines after many clicks

6. when stretching and it dont deselect the other will take long time if i stretch one by one.

7. when one project from autocad was open to zwcad the text and dimension become shaded like a rectangle that is hatched. not readable, even when you print it . When i open the project to other software (briscad) its ok.

8.we cant open the cad file from the damac project the calculated one zwcad crashed and closed by its own ...because its big file. ..but when i open to other software its ok.

9. cannot put all my own commands.. but in autocad i can

10. sometimes hatched dont work

11. when we open files we get message.. "drawing is not valid", but when i open it with briscad.. it opened.

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