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How to drawing a 3D house in Autocad

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 How to drawing a 3D house in Autocad
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how to draw 3d buildings step by step ? now we draw a 3D house in Autocad.
1.Open AutoCAD and create the outline of the house's exterior: Click the "Home" tab, then click the "Draw" panel's "Rectangle" button.
Start by setting your units to architectural (DDUNITS). Remember to create new layers for each type of objects you will draw (windows, doors, walls, roof, etc). Also use the "Render > Visual Styles > Realistic" option when adding materials. Start with layout/floorplan. Thickness of wall, place of windows and outer doors is enough accurate.
Now draw the bases of the walls using the dimensions are shown below. You don't need to dimension it. Optionally, you can use the (new in AutoCAD 2007) POLYSOLID command.
2. Now you will create regions out of all your wall lines. Click near the upper-left corner of the drawing window and drag toward the lower-right corner. Release the mouse to complete the rectangle.
3. Define the top views of walls, beginning with clicking the rectangle tool again. Click and drag inside the house outline to define walls that separate the house's rooms. If you're not sure how you want to define your rooms, draw a single rectangle that divides the house outline through its horizontal center. Ensure the rectangle's length extends the full width of the house's outline, and that its width is as small as possible.
4. Draw the floor plan for furnishings. Once you've defined the borders of each room, apply the rectangle tool to define the largest furnishings inside each room. For example, draw rectangles for the beds, sofas and dressers. To size these objects correctly, relate their largest dimensions to the room's largest dimension. For example, a plausible length for a bed will be somewhere between one-fourth and one-half the length of the room. Size the bed's width similarly, except base it on the bed's length, not the room. You can also get sizing ideas by using one of the Web applets listed in this Resources section.
5 Add rectangles for each remaining item you want in the house, working from largest to smallest. Begin visualizing your home in three dimensions: Enter "Orbit" at the command prompt at the bottom of the screen. Click and drag slightly up and left. This will move your viewpoint to one displaying the three dimensions of your house, once you make the home 3-D in the next step.
6 Click one of your house's walls to select it, then enter "Extrude" at the command line. This command expands 2-D surfaces into 3-D objects. Size the wall to a height you desire, then click to end the extrusion. Repeat this step for each rectangle you drew, to make the house fully 3-D.
7. Substract the frame holes (windows and doors)
8. Create a door layer (or make it active if you already have one) and draw a rectangle in the door opening that is 3"x 3' - put it in the middle of the door opening. Extrude it 6'8".
9. If you haven't saved your drawing yet, now would be a good time.Now you're going to add some windows. This will be done using a similar process as the door. You will create openings, then add the window.Create 2 rectangles in the position shown below. EXTRUDE the window 36 inches. Them move them up 3'8" in the Z axis.
10.Remember to use layers
11. For rendering, use commands: materials and assignmaterial
12. Set sun and sky properties. Or make some point lights as I did just for fun.

if you use the ZW3D to draw a 3D house, you well find it'smore esaily.

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