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How to drawing a site plan in Autocad?

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 How to drawing a site plan in Autocad?
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Can somebody please tell me how to go about drawing up a site plan? How can I start drawing a site plan in Autocad?

There are many factors you need to consider in drawing site plans. What is this site plan for? Commercial, Industrial or Residential? You need to know first the city standards to create architectural site plans.
The following are essential procedures:
The first step is to draw in the property lines using Surveyor units for angles and decimal feet for Linear units. In laying out the property lines, you will use relative polar coordinates, so you will enter coordinates in the format @distanceYou will set up a new drawing and then start at the upper-right corner of the property lines and work your way around counterclockwise. Be sure Snap is turned off.
The property lines are completed.
Then Draw the Driveway. The driveway is 8' wide and set 5' from the horizontal property line. The access road is 8' from the parallel property line. The intersection of the access road line and the driveway lines forms corners, each with a 3' radius. The driveway extends 70' in from the upper-right corner of the property.
A key element of any site plan is information that shows how the building is positioned on the site relative to the property lines. Property lines are staked out by surveyors.

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