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How to Drawing a Floor Plan in Autocad ?

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 How to Drawing a Floor Plan in Autocad ?
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How to Draw a Floor Plan in Autocad ? These instructions will help you create clear and accurate floor plans from complicated construction documents.
Step 1: Open the autocad.
Step 2: Draw the building outline of the house by using the "Line" command. Click the "Line" icon to activate the command. Left-click to start and end the line.
Step 3: Offset the building outline the desired thickness of the exterior wall. Use the "Offset" command. Try offsetting 1'-0" for now. You can always go back and change it.
Step 4: Draw all interior walls by using the same "Line" and "Offset" commands.
Step 5: Use the "Trim" command to trim any messy intersections on the exterior or interior conditions. Left-click the "Trim" icon to activate the tool. Select the "cutting edge" line followed by the line that you would like to trim off.
Step 6: Cut openings for doors and windows by drawing lines and then trimming away the opening. If you want a 3'-0" door, draw a line perpendicular to the wall, offset it 3'-0", and trim away the excess lines.
Step 7: Draw doors and windows where the new openings exist.
Step 8: Draw furniture, cabinets, and other interior items by using the "Line" and "Polyline" commands. You can easily create blocks of furniture by using a polyline. Select the polyline icon and left click to start the shape. Continue clicking until you complete the desired shape. The shape will now be grouped as one item.
Step 9: Activate the Dimension icon and click the edges of each wall that you would like to dimension to. This will give the drawing a more professional look and also gives people a sense of the space.
Step 10: Plot the drawing to a printer or to a PDF format. Hit the plot icon to open the plot settings. Choose the layout type, pen settings, and window view that you would like to use.
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