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drawing veranda in autocad

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 drawing veranda in autocad
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Knowing the measurements, we can then design the Veranda in the software.
You can design your fixings grid reference in AutoCAD or other software and import the dxf file and use Projector function.
Step 1: Start projector function – “Menu” –“Projector”
Measure two points on the facade the veranda refers to, for example right and left corner of the house. Then follow the assistant for point projection. You are now going to mark the points where the fixings will go for your veranda.Follow the office assistant and measure the area, upload your dxf file.You will see the area and your grid reference. Shoot to these points and mark for your fixings.
Step2: After you have marked your points for fittings you can then fix your anchors and footings…
Step3: When your floor is prepared and your fixings marked then you can fit your veranda.
Step 4: The fitting process. The Veranda is now finished.

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