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How to add text to autocad?

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 How to add text to autocad?
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In autocad, text can be added to an Autocad drawing to create notes and labels on your drawings, which is similar to adding it to a word processing document. There are two different text commands used to add text to drawings: Text and Mtext.
TEXT: Draws single-line text
mText: Draws paragraph (also called multiline) text
1. Try adding a small piece of text in a new drawing using the text command:
1) Enter the command text into the command console then hit return
2) When prompted for a start point, select somewhere in the screen just left of centre
3) When asked for a height, enter 3
4) When asked for a rotation angle, hit enter to accept the default of 0.
5) Now simply enter your text. Type: Autocad Central then hit return to start a new line
Type: Lesson 8
6) Hit return twice to exit the text command.
The text should be on two separate lines.
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