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The Multiline text in autocad

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 The Multiline text in autocad
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Multiline text is the more advanced text tool within Autocad. It can be chosen from the 'draw' toolbar by this icon: .
The multiline text command has its own editor, with all the options available that you'd expect to see in a word processing program. Also, all text on separate lines is treated together, so editing notes and sentences is simple.
1) Select the multiline command button
2) We are prompted to select a first corner then second corner. This invisible boundary sets the horizontal extent of the text. When text is entered into the multiline text editor, it will automatically start a second line when it comes to the edge of the text box we specified. Similar to getting to the right hand margin in a text editor. Select a box roughly a quarter of the drawing area.
3) The Multiline Text Editor then appears:
The main character tab of the text editor box is where we choose the font style, text height, colour and also add symbols such as diameter or degrees symbols.
The Properties tab is where we can change the text rotation and paragraph justification settings.
Change the text style to 'Arial'.
4) Set text height to 35) Enter the following text into the text editor window: Autocad Central
6) Hit enter for a new line, then enter: Lesson 8
7) Press the ok button to place the text into the drawing (The text placement will be justified as set in the properties-justification setting in the text editor, relative to the text area box we selected in step 1)
Notice how when the text is selected, it is treated as one entity rather than separate lines? This makes it much easier and quicker to edit. To edit the text in the drawing area, simply double click the text with the cursor to open up the text editor.

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