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Reference Geometry - Hard on the old eyes

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 Reference Geometry - Hard on the old eyes
07-03-2003 10:27 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Have you ever had to squint to see reference lines in a sketch. Well here is a tutorial on how to change the font so it is not as hard on the eyes.
Currently the dotted font is 1 pixel on and 1 pixel off.
Copy the VXGL_STYLE file from the VXCorpVX-7.Xsupp directory to the USER-7.Xsupp directory and edit.
Each font has a display and a plot setting. Since we are only concerned with seeing reference lines on the display you only have to edit one line.
Find the line that says,"D_DOT,1,1,1,1;" change the last two digits to something like 2,6 or 3,5 or 4,4.
There is a rule, "The sum of the elements must equal 2**n, where n is in the range [0-4]. "
Now create a sketch and drop some reference lines or callup an existing sketch.
Don't forget to copy this file to all of your USER directories so that the font will be consistent from version to version.
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