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AutoCAD Installation Error 1603

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 AutoCAD Installation Error 1603
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AutoCAD Installation Error 1603, pls help, thanks.

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Error 1603 indicates there was a failure during the installation, but in most cases this error message is not useful for providing an accurate diagnosis of the installation problem.

If you are seeing this error after attempting a silent installation from a network deployment, you should refer to the following instructions:

Please download and install the following DirectX.
1.Install DirectX End User Runtimes (March 2009)

2.Follow installation instructions

3.Run the AutoCAD 2012 setup.exe installer. AutoCAD installation should now run to completion.

Note: If you have the AutoCAD 2011 media, the DirectX installer needed is in the following location, Media\Support\DirectX\DXSETUP.EXE

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