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how to make a hole in autocad

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 how to make a hole in autocad
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how to make a hole in autocad?

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To make a hole in autocad, you need to select spaces that intersect one another. Alternatively, you can select a closed polyline as the shape to subtract. You can choose whether to keep the subtracted space or polyline in the drawing as a separate unit. For example, you may want to keep the space if you need to subtract the same shape from other spaces.

When you subtract one space from another, the base boundary of the subtracted space is subtracted from all boundaries of the first space. The other boundaries of the subtracted space are just deleted without interacting with the first space. Depending on whether the first space has style-defined offsets or manual offsets, the boundaries around the hole are either re-calculated according to the style offsets or cut off at the intersection.

Here are the process to draw a hole in autocad

  • Draw two circles with a common center point and different diameters.
  • Make the outer and inner circles into region objects. Check the AutoCAD help with word 'region'.
  • Subtract
    the inner region from the outer region. Check the AutoCAD help with word subtract.
  • Set a paper frame. Check the M-Color help if you don't know how.
  • Preview and Plot
    to preview the drawing in M-Color Preview.
  • Start with an empty CFG. Add the AutoCAD layers background and circle and put the layer circle on top of the layer background.
  • Define fill styles to layers circle and background.
  • You are done.
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