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how to make cross section in autocad?

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 how to make cross section in autocad?
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how to make cross section in autocad?

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you might find these commands useful:

LINE - it's a line
PLINE - short for polyline, lets you draw a series of lines that count as 1 object
REGION - turns a polyline into a 2D object that has area
MIRROR - mirrors your selection across a specified reference line
HATCH - I think this is the command; in any case, it will fill a region with whatever pattern you specify
OFFSET - creates a line or curve a specified distance offset from an existing line or curve
CO - short for copy
EXPLODE - breaks a region or polyline into component lines

Here are the process:

1.Draw a line (line A)
2.Then go and ID each elevation of the lines that are crossed, this will be your elevation (level) of the relevant points.
3.Then go back and measure along the line A to each of those points, that will be your distance.
4.then, you now have a distance and a level for each point.
5.and then draw a polyline.
6.enter the fist point as the first point, i.e. X,Y, where the X = distance and Y = level.
then keep going and enter the next distance,level....then the next distance,level.
7.And when you finish, you will have your cross section.

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