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Elevation drawing in autocad.

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 Elevation drawing in autocad.
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Can you briefly introduce the elevation drawing and its drawing method in autocad to me?

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A floor plan is a view of a building drawn as if you were looking at it from the ceiling. An elevation drawing is the view that you would see in real life as you stood on the floor or ground and looked at the wall. This view can be either an exterior or interior view.

So if you want to draw elevations in autocad, you can just draw omatically from your floorplans.

Here are what should be done:

1. Draw your floor plan and display the plan view of the drawing in Model Space

2. Show the direction you want the elevation to look at by pointing with the mouse cursor

3. select Elevation icon from the document tool palette (open the palette, right click the border of the palette and select document). either a 4 way one or a 1 way one.

4. click inside the room where you want to take the elevation of and select the direction by dragging a little ways and clicking

5. Set some parameters in the dialog box that comes up (I would start with 2d section). make sure "generate section" is selected

6. Click "same drawing" this will place the elevation in the drawing you're in now. when you click same drawing it takes you back to the model and asks you if you have a region or press return to draw your own. hit return and then you will draw a rectangle around the wall(s) you want to section/elevation

7. then click the place in the drawing to locate where you want the elevation to appear and ease the lines in elevation you do not want.

8. You can always re-do the elevation after you make changes by selecting the elevation line symbol again.

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