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dwg viewer portable 2012, dwg viewer 2013 download

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 dwg viewer portable 2012, dwg viewer 2013 download
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Does anyone know dwg viewer portable 2012? Where can I have dwg viewer 2013 download?

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DWF Viewer portable 2012 is an App and DWF viewer which can open and read DWF file. DWF file format is developed to distribute design data efficiently. DWF is smaller and faster than actual original design document and suitable for Network transfer. It provides rapid, convenient and safe method for every staff in designing group. Although you do not know how to use CAD software,you can also see 2D picture, 3D picture, BOM table and animation by DWF Viewer. DWF Viewer 2013 can make you share resources with group members and clients by e-mail, website, Intranet and physical media such as disc.

AutoCAD also provide a free DWF Viewer for dwf file viewing, but most of my time I use ZWCAD, ZWCAD is a CAD software like AutoCAD, but a small different is that it can open DWF file which AutoCAD doesn’t. So I don’t need to install another DWF viewer to view DWF file, use ZWCAD for drafting, and also for DWF viewing. Here is a quick guide of ZWCAD you might found useful:
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