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dxf viewer free, dxf file viewer

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 dxf viewer free, dxf file viewer
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Is there any dxf viewer free, please recommend some dxf file viewer.

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DXF (Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format) is a CAD data file for enable data exchange between 2D CAD and other 3D CAD. 2D CAD could be AutoCAD, Microstation, ZWCAD, and many more. 3D CAD like UG, SolidWork, ProE etc. The data format of a DXF is called a "tagged data" format which "means that each data element in the file is preceded by an integer number that is called a group code. A group code's value indicates what type of data element follows. This value also indicates the meaning of a data element for a given object (or record) type. Every group code are put on a separate line.

How to open DXF file? The default program to open DXF file is AutoCAD, Input command DXFIN in AutoCAD and then you can open DXF file, you can also use ZWCAD to open DXF in the same way like AutoCAD does.

Get a quick guide of ZWCAD+:
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