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solidworks price comparison

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 solidworks price comparison
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PROE is used to build the surface model in daily work. SW is applied to establish less surface model or modify the above model. Above model can only be builded by SW. For example,SW is like a fool camera. It is convenient and fast to model ,easy to understand and suitable for the majority of self-taught people. Proe is like a professional camera. It is parametric modeling, logic and rigor.
Take an easy example,SW has bend commands and PROE also has bend
commands.But SW can only bend to the whole entity .PROE can control the bending position and reverse the part which do not need to bend. SW has twist commands and PROE also has twist commands. PROE is more flexible and faster. It can zoom, rotate,move and drag to an arbitrary direction from point,line and surface.It also can elongate,shorten.reverse,taper,bend and twist.Twist is used in array and multi view splicing of engineering of drawing.
Different version of solidworks have diverse prices.
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